Friday, May 22, 2009

Take Five Fridays

Take One

This has been a weird week. As I've said all along, I got way ahead of myself in getting the house ready for the move, which isn't really such a bad thing, is it? But NOW since everything but the absolute last minute stuff has to wait until, well, the absolute last minute, things are kind of in a holding pattern. Just kind of circling the city, waiting for the landing, which we will be quite literally in nine days! Nine days! I can say DAYS! to refer to when Chuck will be home!

This is a bittersweet time for me and the boys. I like living in Ohio, I like the seasons and being near family, the things to do. However, for me, nothing is better than being with Chuck, no matter where in the world we might be.

The boys on the other hand, are having a harder time with this move than past moves. I always thought in the past, that it was harder on them, and logistically it was. They are getting older now, have their own friends and things to do, they love the neighbor kids, love the area, and aren't so sure about what will be offered at the next place we will call home. Even when we don't move for a while, in a military community, friends come and go all the time, and it gets old. I can't make promises that they'll make good friends again, about what will or won't be offered, what their schools are like, what the new faith community will have,etc. The best thing I can say is that each place is it's own, with both good and bad and it is the next adventure that we will take on: together!

Take Two

Tonight we were eating dinner and Jaden was squatting on the chair and leaning over the table vs. sitting on his pockets eating like a gentleman. I reminded him a couple of time to "Sit on your pockets". He would, but soon enough, he'd be right back up again.

I told him, "God gave you legs for walking, and a hiney for sitting. So why are you sitting on your legs?"

"Well, Mom," he responded, "I really don't have a hiney." (He doesn't, the kid's all bone and muscle.) What can I say to that?! Of course, I did, but I really had to compose myself to be able to finish out the "reminder".

Take Three

I saw a guy the other day backing into a parking space at Walmart. I have noticed this "trend" in quite a few places lately, and thought maybe some were just "pulling through", which may be the case. However, I have seen a few people doing this. Why? Are they trying to beat everyone out? Look, buddy, there isn't going to be a mad rush where everyone leaves the store at once and you will have to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours. It's Walmart at 0930 on a Tuesday morning, not an amusement park at closing time!

Take Four

Before school, I asked Jaden to pick up the Cheerios gone AWOL off the kitchen floor. He called the dog and Bumbles went to work. "Great snack!" the dog's thinking as he happily wags his tail. Jaden goes on to tell me: "One more reason I really like dogs is because they make great vacuums. They are cordless, can go anywhere, can find every crumb, and they do a good job!"

While I would have bent down to pick up the renegade Cheerios, I can't argue with the boy's logic. Who needs Roomba, we have Bumbles!

Take Five

Last but not least, let us all remember why we celebrate this long weekend. (For those lucky enough to have it off.) Remember those who have served and died for this country, for those still serving all over the world, often in harm's way and without family. It is because of our heroes that we can live our lives in a country that knows a freedom people in other countries can only dream about.

And of course we think of those in our own lives that we have lost and still love in our hearts and memories. Please join me in prayer on Monday (and every day) for those we have lost, their families, and for those currently serving in the armed forces of the United States.


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