Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prisoner in His Own Home; aka Sick or Not Sick

Craig started running a fever last night with it peaking at 101.5 around bedtime. We gave him some Tylenol, water and a bucket (just in case) and put him to bed. While there was some underlying concern about Swine Flu, I wasn't too freaked because there is a "lesser" bug going around his school right now. There were no other symptoms, but it was still 100.7 this morning and he stayed home from school.

He spent most of the day sitting on the couch rotting his brain in front of the tv. The fever broke around lunch time and he became restless. I pulled the plug on the mind sucker, and suddenly he is clamoring to go outside (because his brother and friends are home from school). In our house, if you aren't well enough for school, you aren't well enough for friends. It's just common sense and common courtesy. After explaining to him (again) that you still have to take it easy to let your body recover, I suggested he read (which he usually loves doing). He proceeds to sigh, stomp loudly up the stairs to get his book, where he informs Jaden, *key violin* "You're lucky you can go outside. Me, I'm a prisoner. A prisoner in my own home."

I'm just glad he's well enough to feel that way.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're having tacos, how about you?