Friday, May 8, 2009

Take Five Fridays

This has been a pretty busy/hodge podge week. I have gotten a lot done around the house for the move. The two boys' rooms are done, which are the worst ones and the ones I dread, but now I just have to stay on them so their stuff doesn't take over again! I only have my room, the bathrooms and laundry left, which will be easy, and just keeping up with it for the next three weeks! Craig was home two days with a fever (NO he didn't have the Swine Flu). I am very grateful there were no other symptoms.


The water main upgrade project has progressed to the "alternative water line" stage. They had to come inside the house yesterday to remove the meter and hook up the new line until they are finished (after we leave). It was quick and harmless compared to the last water project we endured in NC. It's interesting how well a job is done when it isn't a military contract just trying to git-r-done.

Speaking of upgrades, Cleveland's Inner Belt Bridge has been getting a lot of publicity due to weight limits and needed safety improvements. One of the things they are going to be doing is "lifting" the bridge for stress tests, "just an inch or so" (they say). My question is, if you are going to be fiddling with the bridge, do I REALLY want to be driving on this? Bridges are like elevators or planes: I really don't want to think about everything it takes to keep these things safe!


As I was driving home today (Friday mornings are my turn with Grandpa), I saw a vege stand on the side of the road. It was a glimpse of the summers in Ohio, of buying good, fresh produce, specifically Ohio Sweet Corn. Yes, Ohio Sweet Corn is capitalized because it is a proper noun in this area. People have whole conversations about how close it is to "Sweet Corn Season", what kind of crop it will be, who has the best corn, how much, not-bad-for-a-good-price, etc. People will drive out of their way to get the best Ohio Sweet Corn. And if you've never had Ohio Sweet Corn, you are missing out. Corn on the cob, boiled, with butter and a bit of salt, oh my goodness, you have NEVER had anything like it! Some people aren't quite convinced of this, (like Chuck and Craig; they might just have to be excommunicated from all things Ohio), but Jaden and I are true believers and I was sad to realize that we won't be here this year for Ohio Sweet Corn. The past few years, we've only been a day away, so we were able to come up and get our fix, but CA is going to be too far away for that.


While were on the subject of local stuff, how about those Cleveland Cavaliers ?!!!!

This MUST be their year, Cleveland has to have at least ONE good sports team! The area just really needs something "happy" right now.


It's been a drizzly/rainy week. I love how the grayness of the sky intensifies the already bright greens of spring. I don't mind a rainy week, because I know that's what gives us the green and the flowers and the blooming trees. HOWEVER, when you are cooped up in the house with two boys for a week, and Jaden (aka Danger Boy) cannot get out to ride his bike, people tend to get restless, whiny and grumpy. I managed not to throw a tantrum, but I can't say the same for other people in this house. Jaden needs to ride his bike like a cowboy needs his horse. Unless there is an intense downpour this afternoon, Danger Boy will put on old clothes, get on that bike, and ride it blissfully through the puddles. I just know Oxi was invented by a mom!