Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Packrat

One of the boys (who is 12 now) has always had a packrat tendency. It drives me bonkers, but I have tried to find the balance of respecting his space and my neat freak issues. On a side note, I read a study that says that for people like Craig (oops, did I mention his name?!), having that "stuff" in sight and around them makes them feel comfortable and happy. Clutter to the "Stuff" people creates that serene feeling that clean and organized spaces do for those of us in the "A Place for Everything" club. So, I've tried backing off a bit, and he's gotten a little better at keeping his "clutter" under control.

Or so I thought.

He's really just gotten more creative with his hiding places. They were showing our house yesterday, and I reminded the boys to be sure their beds were made. Of course I went in later to double check everything. Jaden's bed wasn't even made (what was he doing up there?) and Craig's was made, but had a few lumps. Well, I decided to be nice and "smooth out the sheet" for him, because I thought that was the problem. I flipped back the comforter and...ummm, well, let's just say that it's a VERY good thing he was at school at the time and I had time to defuse before he came home. It WASN'T the sheet that was causing the lumps. What WAS causing the lumps:

THREE pairs of jammie bottoms
One dirty sock
Two used kleenex
Two books, one quite large
One Lego guy (of course, I mean really, only ONE?!)
One water bottle cap
THREE Smiley (fruit snack) wrappers
One granola bar wrapper
AND (this one takes the cake) a smashed up Diet Coke can

We'll set aside that I JUST cleaned his room not two weeks ago. We'll set aside that they are not supposed to have food in their rooms, only water. WHEN is he accessing these snacks? Why did he think it was okay to take one of my pops? It is rare that they are allowed to have caffeinated drinks, so what made him think this was okay, let alone to take without asking?!

Did I mention that his dad will be home in two weeks?

Craig's is very lucky Chuck has the camera, or I would have taken a picture as evidence for sure...and shown them to ALL of his future girlfriends!


Mother Mayhem said...

Emily doesn't hide food wrappers in her room, but I think she's cornered the market in crumpled up notebook paper. It's in every nook and cranny. And you found "a" dirty sock? Emily was hiding ALL her dirty socks in her CLEAN sock drawer! EW!

Maybe we should take pictures...

Tracy said...

Oh this was just in his bed. I just changed his sheets a week or so ago... If I were to describe the nastiness that I normally find in his room, we'd be here awhile!

Dirty socks are bad enough, but what about the dirty underwear special?

Mother Mayhem said...

Hey... At least boys don't have periods. Shudder.