Thursday, April 30, 2009

Proud Mother Moment

Proud Mother Moment: Craig, playing actual music on his recorder through his nose. Not just one nostril mind, you, no no...this talent can do it through both sides. This is what 2 1/2 years of piano has gotten us?!

Small Successes


1. I got the mower ready to go for the year and the yard mowed.

2. I got the shed and basement purged and move out ready.

3. I started blogging again, thanks to this Small Successes offered every week by Faith and Family. I know I have something to say at least once a week, lol!

Hello Again

I'm back.

This would actually be part 2 of this blog. The first part I'd been playing with for about a year or so and I just had to stop. After the death of my aunt, who was my most loyal reader, my posts were sporadic. That, compounded by the cancer in one of my gpas and the craziness of driving 11 hours between North Carolina (where dh was stationed at the time in the AF) and Ohio got to be a lot. On the day my other grandfather died, my husband, Chuck got orders to Korea. I pulled the plug on blogging that day, because I couldn't find the words to describe the numbness and overwhelming emptiness that has been left.

Korea is a one year tour without family and it has been a very long year. It is hard to believe, that as of tomorrow, May 1, our family has lived in this house in Ohio for a year. Well, at least the boys and I have while Chuck is where the Air Force wants him. The year of him being away is almost done: he will be home June 1! To say we can't wait is a small understatement.

Some readers will recall that we used to homeschool. These past two years we have not. Last Craig was in a GREAT Catholic school in NC, and Jaden was in the public school. This year, with the move to Ohio, Catholic school tuition was not feasible and so they are in public school. I know homeschooling purists will say that the worst day of homeschooling is the better that ps, but I know my limits, and being responsiblefor my boys' education while I feel like I am barely treading water just to keep the basics going is just not something I can do well at this time. I will post about our experiences with ps here in another post.

That catches us up. Kind of. During this year we have spent a lot of time at the hospital and doctors' appointments for my grandpa. That will be fodder for future blog posts as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and welcome back!