Sunday, May 31, 2009

NOT a Good Sign

I was backing out of the garage today and I snapped the driver's side mirror casing on the edge of the door frame. All I heard was a *POP*; the mirror casing was gone. I got out of the car, found the part in three pieces, popped open the trunk and placed the pieces in there as a nice little welcome home gift for Chuck.

Of course the neighbors were out in their back yard enjoying a picnic dinner. Why do there always have to be people around to see these things? What must THEY have been thinking?!

The boys were VERY quiet on the way to the gas station. They were very quiet while we were there. And they were strangely quiet on the way home. Until we pulled into the driveway. As we approached the garage, Jaden says, "Careful, Mom, careful! Slowly...slowly. You're doing good." As I put the car into park, applause erupted from the back seat. "Good job, Mommy! You did it!"

Craig wanted to know, "Well, how much is THAT going to cost ya'?!"

Smart alecs.

In fairness to me, the garage is very, very tight, and I had a million things going on in my mind not to mention the boys bickering in the back seat. I have backed out of same garage probably 3,000 times this past year, no problem. The day before Chuck gets home and the week we are packing out the house, and preparing to embark on The Road Trip (TRT), I smack the mirror.

*SIGH* Welcome home honey! There's a little something for you in the trunk. The first on a list of things that has to be fixed...


Angela said...

Tracy, Don't feel bad; I did this once and almost ripped a door off our Explorer. We no longer have the Explorer, and my husband made sure to comment that the sliding doors on the van were safe from garage back-ups.

Stacey said...

I have done that 6, yes, 6 is not even a surprise any longer...Tony just looks at me...:)

Enjoy your reunion!

Rebecca said...

I swipe things all the time with the minivan. Curbs, mirrors, the trash can in the garage ... so yes, don't feel bad!

Mother Mayhem said...

I got brave and attempted to back the van into the garage last week. I managed to kill the outside broom. When I got out to see what I had done, Emily was in the van laughing her head off. Snort.