Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Booked! or Why I Love My Husband # 3,010

We're starting to do all those "almost last minute" things one does with a move. Sooo, the other day, Chuck mentions to me that we should be thinking about planning the trip/hotel stays from here to CA. Did I mention it is 2331.55 miles from here to there? With the boys, and the dog, and the cat?

So anyway, back to the point: I said, "You mean "we" as in "me", because I always do these things?!"

"Well, you're JUST so GOOD at these things!" he replied.

Many things ran through my mind. Some not very nice.

What I said: "Wow, you're good! You totally took a we thing and made it a ME thing. But I'm not one of your troops...I'm onto you! I will not fall for these tricks of transference and good delegation!"

He laughs. And then admits, "Yeah, you got me! You like that?"

I said, "Chuck," (because terms of endearment weren't flowing at this point) "this move is because of you. It is YOUR government credit card that has to be used and I am a single mom trying to get this house/kids/animals ready for this same move. BY.MYSELF! I know all the amazing things you are capable of at work, I THINK you can handle this!"

"Fine," he said in a tone that meant I-Know-I'm-Not-Getting-Out-of-This-One.

And so he did. He planned out the trip (5 days on the road with a mid-point stop at my parents' house). And then he researched and called for reservations (which is something we don't necessarily like to take chances with animals). We are now booked, it's done, and I didn't have to do it! And he didn't even complain!

See, honey, I "delegated" and I "empowered" you! You're not the only one who knows these tricks! Not to mention all those brownie wife points you just collected. Thanks sweetie, I love you!


Mother Mayhem said...

Wow. You're good. ;o)

Nice to "meet" you!

Stacey said...

Kudos to you!!