Friday, July 31, 2009

Take Five Friday

1. I have had three people in the past two days ask me what is up with my blog, why I haven't been updating. I apologize. And trust me when I say I am doing you a favor: Do you REALLY want to hear me say, "It's really hot and dry here and we don't really like it so far..." every single day? I didn't think so!

2. It HAS been really hot and dry here. Like 100 and up for a month. We have cabin fever, only in the summer instead of the winter. We have only had one vehicle since we have been here, which has presented some logistical issues.

3. We live five miles off base, but then Chuck has another 10 miles across base to his actual work place. Not all that easy to zip home if we need the car, and the prospect of getting up at 0500 to take him wasn't all that appealing, either. If, you look up the definition of "morning person" in the dictionary, MY picture will NOT be there!

So, this week, we finally got a second vehicle. It's a pretty nice little pick-up, a 2000 Ford Ranger, super cab, that will do well on gas AND haul our camping stuff. We're all pretty exicted. Me especially since, "I got my car back! I. got. my. car. back!" I sing as I do my happy dance.

4. Chuck and I FINALLY went on a date last Saturday. We went to lunch and movie and had uninterrupted adult conversation! It was REALLY nice. Between trying to get settled and his work schedule, this was a much needed respite. AND we found a sitter that actually interacted with the boys, played games, the house wasn't trashed when we got home and the boys loved her. THAT is a big bonus!

5. We went to a membership appreciation dinner at the club on base and they were giving away FREE (nice) backpacks loaded with school supplies to the kids. I was SO excited...that stuff adds up! I jokingly say that we spend their college tuition on school supplies, events, fund raisers and projects, so I am NOT too proud to take anything free!


Mother Mayhem said...

Sounds like things are looking up. HUG. :o)

Angela said...

It's been hot here too - 9 straight days in the high 90's; unseasonably hot for us spoiled Oregonians.
You are right when you say it is like winter - we are stuck inside because it is just too hot!

Hang in there- it will get better!