Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Michael Jackson

While I am praying for his soul and his true friends and family (especially his children), I can't watch tv anymore! Can't stand the hypocrisy of the media! For decades all people have done is slam the man, drag his name through the dirt, etc. ( with or without just cause). Now he's something to celebrate?! No, he's just another way to get ratings.

He was a very talented artist, there is no denying that. But WHERE were all of these 'friends' and 'fans' as he struggled through life?

I'd like to see just 1% of this 'respect' and media attention given to the real heroes that die for our freedom in our country."


Stacey said...

Amen! What about those killed in war the day he died? I love his dancing and music, however he was a troubled soul!!

Mother Mayhem said...

It was these very people who drove him to be the "freak" they wanted him to be. So sad for his children.

Megan said...

For Real.

munchesmom said...

DH & I were just talking about this today before he left for work. It's sad to see where our country's priorities lie.